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Learn How to Putt with Patrick Reed

Keeping the flexible shaft straight or not bending at Impact produces a perfect putting stroke every time! Instantly see results and feel perfect impact the flex putter trainer delivers

Dave Stockton with Flex Putter Trainer

The video below is a lesson by Dave Stockton on how to use the Flex Putter.

Dave Stockton on the golf course in a red shirt showing how to use the flex putter
Dave Stockton worlds great Instructor with Flex Putter Trainer demonstrates how all Golfers can Learn the proper way to putt. Instantly train and learn from every stroke. The trainer magnifies the feel of your stroke. A perfect stroke never felt better.

Perfect Stroke with Flex Putter Trainer

Trainer Notes

Video on the Left…Good Tempo:

Perfect rhythm is “Controlling the flexible shaft” or keeping the shaft from bending, delivers a proper stroke every time.

Center Video…Fast Hands:

Common mistake: Quick Hands… Impact is off center and equals a result of a Push, Block and not a natural Release!

Video on the right…Hands Stop:

Common mistake: Hands stop…Closed Putter Face at Impact…Results in a Bad Pull or Drag across the intended line!

Example of the Flex Putter Trainer being used and the common results that occur with good tempo and bad tempo! Work on your stroke quickly and easily with the Flex Putter Trainer.\

New Players using the Flex Putter

JAPAN Hideki Matsuyama
usa William McGirt
argentina Emiliano Grillo
usa Ryan Palmer

Dustin Johnson using the Flex Putter.

Raw footage of Dustin Johnson with the Flex Putter Trainer. See the flexible shaft is very straight at impact and does not flex throughout the entire stroke. All golfers can learn to perfect a proper putting stroke buy using the Flex Putter trainer. The Flex Putter Trainer is your personal Trainer and may be used as your everyday putter.

Groove your putting stroke with the Flex Putter Trainer